BiR&D is the association of international industrial companies having major R&D operations in Belgium.

Its mission is to stimulate and improve both the attractiveness and the effectiveness of R&D execution in Belgium. The BiR&D network explores, develops and shares

  • best practices among its members for delivering excellent R&D
  • modes of cooperation with universities and research centers
  • ways to improve the image of industrial R&D
  • attracting, recruiting and keeping talent in an R&D environment

The effective members of BiR&D’s are the innovation managers of the companies carrying with them a long experience in managing R&D in an industrial world.

To strengthen the network, BiR&D has as associated members Agoria (The Federation for the Technology Industry),  Essenscia (Belgian Federation for the Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries) and the GRD (Groupe permanent de Recherche et Dévelopment de Louvain).

BiR&D is awarding prices for the best interdisciplinary PhD thesisses in both Life& Health and Science & Technology sciences. Becoming a member of BiR&D opens up a world of new insights and opportunities to challenge and improve your own R&D operations.