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    The network of Industrial Companies
    with Large R&D Operations in Belgium

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    Bringing Great Minds together
    in the Heart of Europe

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    Join and Share Best
    Practices in R&D

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    Discover the fascinating World
    of R&D and Shape the Future

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    BIR&D welcomes You to the
    PhD Award 2020 on May 13th 2020

About BiR&D

BiR&D is the association of international industrial companies having major R&D operations in Belgium. Its mission is to stimulate and improve both the attractiveness and the effectiveness of R&D execution.

The effective members of BiR&D’s are the innovation managers of the companies carrying with them a long experience in managing R&D in an industrial world. Becoming a member of BiR&D opens up a world of new insights and opportunities to challenge and improve your own R&D operations.

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Latest news

22 Jan

FNRS Awards


10 May

PhD Awards 2019

Also in 2019, BiR&D granted 2 awards to  PhD’s that thanks to  their outstanding work were selected among 80 applications. Next to their  excellent scientific level, the main criteria included a strong multidisciplinary character and a high potential for industrialisation. …


"What attracted me most at BiR&D is the possibility to network and share best practices with peers from the industry - just perfect to be able to do that !!"

Bart Wallaeys

"I started working for BiR&D in 2016 and discovered the amazing world of industrial R&D. BiR&D members represent near to 10.000 researchers in Belgium, who contribute resolving the challenges that our planet and people are facing. Together with universities and research centres, the Belgian R&D ecosystem is anticipating tomorrow!"

Edith Coune

"BiR&D is implementing its vision and mission through the stimulation of an intense cooperation between its members and the Belgian R&D ecosystem. Continuous generation of new projects between BiR&D members as well as projects between BiR&D members and academia, research centers, SMEs and start-ups are a key activity. Exchange of best practices in the R&D domain is realized through a serious of topic oriented seminars in close cooperation with GRD."

Marnix Botte

Our members