Innovation excellence conference – Barcelona 2016

Case Study The innovation revolution: thinking inside the box – Alfalaval – Mats Nilsson

  • Concentrating on the needs of today: not an imagined future
  • Bettering your existing products through innovation
  • Focusing on the big picture to minimise strategic planning risk
  • Attribution dependency- correlating unrelated products with each other

download presentation : alfalaval-mr-nilsson

Case Study How to build entrepreneurial ecosystems anywhere? – Snecma – Olivier Leclerc

  • The role of senior managers within an innovation system
  • Consolidating an Innovative Culture
  • Best practices used by preeminent companies to provide a sense of direction, to engage people and to overcome
    obstacles in the change program that innovation implies.

download presentation : snecma-mr-leclerc

Case Study Big Data to Drive Digital Transformation – Telefonica – Pablo Rodriguez

  • Data as a business Intelligence and decision making tool
  • New Data driven services and forms of monetisation
  • Privacy and Personal Data
  • Transparency, Control and Trust

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Case Study : Aligning Incentives to Innovation – How to reward creativity – Bouygues group – Vincent Maret

  • Innovation- not just an issue for the R&D department
  • Role of the sales team in linking customer feedback to new product development
  • Aligning KPIs to innovation.

download presentation : bouygues-mr-maret

Case Study Successful innovation in a challenging environment – Nestlé – Hans Jörg Limbach

  • Learning from 150 years of innovation
  • The challenge of a fragmented portfolio for innovation
  • Turning the breadth and ambiguity of front-end innovation into focused product launches

download presentation : nestle-mr-limbach

Case study Corporate Startups acceleration – Orange Fab – Nardjesse Miloudi

  • Boost Startups & Accelerate Corporate Innovation
  • International network of Orange Fab
  • Startups support is not just Financial
  • Examples of successful stories by Orange Fab
  • What’s next in Spain

download presentation : orangefab-ms-miloudi

Case Study The story of J&J Innovation: Proximity as a Priority – Johnson & Johnson Innovation – Johan Verbeeck

  • Strategic position accessing external Innovation in an unprecedented way
  • Continuous Innovation allowing J&J to remain the largest and most innovative healthcare company in the world
  • Understanding novel business models when collaborating with third parties
  • Exploring X01 and Ichorcumab, early & late stage innovation

download presentation : johnsonandjohnson-mr-verbeeck

Case Study Running a Lean, Agile and Porous Innovation Funnel – Nokia – Roope Takala

  • An agile innovation pipeline in companies with long R&D cycles
  • Allowing rapid strategic changes while maintaining access to adjacent opportunities
  • A porous pipeline requires a strong and whole hearted engagement of an ecosystem
  • A set of ecosystem innovation tools allow management of innovation in an extended enterprise

download presentation : nokia-mr-takala

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