Introduction by Marnix Botte-  Intro – Marnix Botte

Megatrends and impact on R&D organisations: Bart Devoldere, TomorrowLab  –  Megatrends Bart-Devoldere

R&D and the new ways of working: Jeroen Franssen  – The Labour Market – Jeroen Franssen

How to create new business and the role of venturing moderated by André Convents – Panel – André Convents

Participants : Céline Vaessen (SFPI), Edith Coene (Innovation Fund), Roald Borré (PMV), Wim De Waele (Growcery), Peter Vanlaeke (Solvay),

How do universities adapt to the megatrends: Koenraad Debackere – How do universities adapt – Koenraad Debackere

Participants: participants

Pictures : https://client.benjaminbrolet.com/birandd9may/