BiR&D Multi-Disciplinary PhD Award 2017


Multidisciplinarity and industrial valorisation of research are essential for BiR&D.

BiR&D will grant in 2017 two BiR&D Multi‐Disciplinary PhD Thesis Awards, amounting to EUR 10,000 each, in collaboration with the Fonds Wetenschappellijk Onderzoek –Vlaanderen (FWO) and the Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique‐FNRS (F.R.S.‐FNRS). One Award will be granted for a PhD thesis in the domain of Life & Health Sciences, the other Award for a PhD thesis in the domain of Science & Technology. Each candidate can apply for one Award only, in the domain of his/her choice.


  • two prices of  € 10.000 each
  • rewarding a PhD thesis with a societal impact presenting an original multidiciplinary contribution and a potential for industrial valorisation.

 Profile and conditions

  • You are a young and promising researcher
  •  You have obtained your PhD from a Belgian  university between November 1, 2015 and October 31, 2016. Candidates from the Royal Military  School are also eligible.


  • Fill in the official application form
  • Add a detailed curriculum vitae, including a list of publications and an electronic version of your PhD thesis
  • Your application is submitted to a scientific jury
  • The jury proposes the award winners
  • BiR&D’s Board decides on the awards


Winners from former editions

2016 – BiR&D Multi-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Award – Life & Health Sciences
Amount : 10.000 EUR
Laureate: SCHOORS Sandra, Dr. Biomedical sciences – KU Leuven Master Biomedische wetenschappen
PhD Thesis : “The role of endothelial cell metabolism during vessel sprouting.”

2016 – BiR&D Multi-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Award – Science & Technology
Amount : 10.000 EUR
Laureate: SNOECK Didier, UGent Master in civil engineering construction design
PhD Thesis : “Self-Healing and Microstructure of Cementitious Materials with Microfibres and Superabsorbent Polymers.”

2015 – BiR&D Multi-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Award – Life & Health Sciences
Amount: 10.000 EUR
Laureate: EVERARD Amandine, PhD in biomedical and pharmaceutical science – UCL
PhD Thesis: “Interactions between gut microbiota and intestinal epithelium functions in metabolic disorders.”

2015 – BiR&D Multi-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Award – Science & Technology
Amount: 10.000 EUR
Laureate: VERBRUGGEN Sammy, Dr. Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen – UAntwerpen
PhD Thesis: “TiO2 gas phase photocatalysis : from morphological design to plasmonic enhancement.”

2014: BiR&D Multi-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Award
Amount : 20.000 EUR
Laureate: WITTERS Daan, PhD in bioscience engineering – KU Leuven, Postdoctoral researcher – Caltech (USA)
PhD Thesis: “Micropatterning of digital microfluidic chips: applications in bio-assay development and materials